September 19, 2019

Episode 58: A Lady Faints As She Reads Lewd Anon-hate In The Year of 1892

This is an inconvenient day for murder, but it's fine. We'll pull through. In honor of Friday the 13th, which it no longer is, Andrea covers Mark Branch, the Friday the 13th Copycat Killer, whom the press demonized because he was...demon-y. Wren tells us the crazy story of the first daredevil, Sam Patch, and then admits that he has no pride and will do anything for $1 a month. And then he dragged Andrea into it. So, if you want to hear us say something weird or embarrassing right on the podcast, go ahead and become a patron! At our $1 tier you will get a shout-out and can email us with anything you want us to say on the podcast, and we will say it (with minor limitations). Go to to enjoy this little tidbit. Email us your crazy shit at

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