Have you ever...taken your loved one's head and put it on another person's torso for funsies? Just us then? Wren covers the Biological Resource Center in Arizona - also known as the human body chop shop! That should pretty much tell you everything you need to know about that. THEN, Andrea discusses the tragic death of Michele Dufault, in a lab accident that should never have happened. And now, off with your unhappily labbed souls! Whatever that means.

We hope this doesn't ruin Space Balls for you... Wren covers the spouse murderer Blake Leibel, and Andrea discusses the murder of Lois Duncan's daughter, Kaitlyn Arquette. 

Listen, we're all cowboys here; this is a safe space. Wren covers the Wyoming DeSmet lake monster, Smetty, and Andrea tells us allllllllll about the tragic Lil Miss Murder of Lisa Marie Kimmell. So get on your horse, hook your iPod in, and get listening!

If khakis are part of your killing outfit, you should perhaps reconsider. Andrea covers the survival story of Kasey Johnson and Jennifer Logsdon, as well as the murder of Tommy Smith, and Wren covers Maria Viricheva, a survivor of the Chessboard Killer. Russian is hard!

Picture this: Grey hair. Mustache. Bits of people stuck in a beard. HOT. And that's lumberjack lore for y'all! Wren covers The Dentist of Horror and Andrea discusses the murderous dentist, Bert Franklin.

Maybe you just gotta do what a python does and strangle someone. But it's just a suggestion. Andrea covers some freak accidental celebrity deaths, and Wren tells us about the New Brunswick python attack. Now, it's time for bed. But first, clean your retainer, apply your ointments, and check that your snake is secure. Special thanks to Aswen for this episode!

Are you CIA? If so, please go to www.patreon.com/twoscaredsiblings and send us your address for some merch! That's how it works, right? Wren covers the Ourang Medan mystery and Andrea tells us the creepy threesome of stories about The Jenny, The Octavius, and The Gloriana. This week, we are apologizing to the Germans. We love ya!

Are you trying to avoid the government? Are you a boat? If so, please listen to this episode for further instruction. Wren covers the disappearance of Dorothy Jane Scott and Andrea covers the mystery of the Sarah Joe. And, as a bonus, you get to hear the beginning stages of our senility!

If you are an actor AND a psychic, and Mr Psychic Guinness is your father's name...your shit's weird, and we don't know what to tell you. Wren covers James Dean's Little Bastard, and Andrea discusses Michelle Carter and the death of Conrad Roy. Time to listen, all you cheeky men!

Taking a break from sad murder stuff...to bring you sad mass casualty stuff! Andrea covers the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse, and Wren discusses the Point Ellice bridge disaster. 

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