If you are an actor AND a psychic, and Mr Psychic Guinness is your father's name...your shit's weird, and we don't know what to tell you. Wren covers James Dean's Little Bastard, and Andrea discusses Michelle Carter and the death of Conrad Roy. Time to listen, all you cheeky men!

Taking a break from sad murder stuff...to bring you sad mass casualty stuff! Andrea covers the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse, and Wren discusses the Point Ellice bridge disaster. 

Are you currently in the napping portion of your date? Please wake up and listen to us instead! Wren covers the tragic murder of Brandon Teena and Andrea discusses the Sounds Murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope. And that's it! Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about for a conservative Nebraskan citizen.


Dear Germany,

Do you have a foot fetish? Asking for a friend. By request, Wren covers some scary German Christmas lore and Andrea covers some German and Australian Christmas murders.

Hope you've got some leftover flax!

Listen up, all you sultry millennials! Have we got some tales about coconut cream and cocaine...

And then! Some tales of snow death! Wren covers the Terra Nova expedition and Andrea discusses the case of Baby Andrew.

And...our first request to say something weird on air happened. There's also that.

"I'm going to a car show" means "I'm about to get murdered, call the cops". Just so you all are up on our lingo. The theme is best friend murders, so Andrea covers Anel Baez and Sofya Potapova, and Wren covers Gemma Hayter. Now, Google sleuths, go forth! You are free, little butterflies!

Hey, medical professionals and the mob!!!...Whatcha doin? <3

Wren covers angel of death Donald Harvey and Andrea covers Michael Perry, teen killer!

Special thanks to all patreon members!


What if a lion came at you with a knife? What if you didn't listen to this episode?

Listen, it's all just too awful to think about.

Andrea covers the horrible murder of Giulio Regeni. After that, you simply must let Wren cheer you up with horrifying ancient Egyptian deities! 

We love you!! Even when you look like a crocodile.

Special thanks to Miranda, Aaron and Hex!

Good morning! And here we go.

Wren covers the List House, aka the John List case, and Andrea covers the Easey Street murders. 

By the way, Wren goes by The Papermaster now. No, Andrea doesn't know why, so don't ask.

Special thanks to all patrons!

Want a special episode?


...just kidding, here it is. Two Scared Siblings interview Preston Ewasiuk, creator of the Rutherford Manor universe and all-around HORROR AND DRAMA AND CARD GAME GENIUS. That's right, we said genius. If you know him, you probably know why. If you don't...listen. Just listen.

Also, check this out! www.rutherford-manor.com



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