Andrea's car was hit by a coyote, and Edmonton's roads make no sense, so it's been a week. Andrea and Wren cover the horrifying torture and murder of Katarzyna Zowada. If anyone knows of a time when the cops did well, email us for our next episode!

In case you were worried, Wren keeps Andrea on a very short leash when it comes to abusing her power, and it's a good thing for all of us. Andrea and Wren cover the murder of Alejandra Galeana by her boyfriend, Jose Luis Calva Zepeda.

So, you're wondering about the utility of thigh bone architecture? Look no further! Andrea and Wren cover the false imprisonment and execution of Timothy Evans.

Recording from a place where a bunch of aphids have decided the replace the oxygen, Wren and Andrea present to you the devastating case of Travis the chimp and his attack on Charla Nash. By the way, health care system, if someone's face has been ripped off, you should maybe just help them for free.

Andrea stopped backhanding her cat long enough to do the research on this one! The siblings cover the Sharpe family murders. #notallfish #justthebadfish

Catch up on all the latest bat drama with us! Wren and Andrea cover the harrowing experience of Juliane Koepcke. We're off to put our microphone in a senior's home now...

Wren is gulping and slurping, and Andrea IS NOT A MATTRESS SALESMAN! The siblings cover the tragic Tanacu exorcism.

Sometimes we think we should have just gone into nursing, like mother said. Wren and Andrea cover the tragic death of Mitrice Richardson. 

This is the story of a daddy skeleton and a son skeleton and their skeleton dog. Just kidding! It's actually the story of the Grindr serial killer, not to be confused with the Grindr killer...because there really are two.

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