If it's not sordid, then what's the point?...is our new mission statement. Wren covers ghost marriages and Andrea covers the murdering Carsons - because who says a marriage can't include stabbing? 

Ye Olde Buzzfeede did not murder Edgar Allan Poe, but they did inspire this episode! Wren and Andrea cover Poe's mysterious death. Next, we petition to bring back laudanum and opium dens. Now, it's time for us to sneak off with our gentleman callers. 

If you want to hear Andrea whining about her hip like an ancient old crone, and also about murder, you are in the right place! Wren covers the murder of Catherine (Katie) Wynter and Andrea discusses the murder of Brian Barrett, also known as the Talhotblond murder case. If only it weren't for that pesky little scientific evidence thing...

Andrea is the new Deep Throat, and Wren is struggling to care! On the topic of creepy children, Andrea covers the case of Beth Thomas, Child of Rage. Wren then chats about the Sasebo Slashing. At some point, we kill all of our relatability in one fell swoop. Good times!

So many hands, so many places. Probably best to just not cut them off of your body! Wren covers the tragic murder of Nava Elimelech, and Andrea tells the story of the Lady of the Dunes. The 70s and 80s were...something, that's for sure.

Look, yogurt late at night is fine, so stop harassing Texas about it already. Andrea covers the Yogurt Shop Murders, and Wren tells the story of the Lululemon murder, which teaches us that if you're scared of getting in trouble for stealing, you should probably not then do a murder instead. BTW, does anyone have any spare ankles lying around? Asking for a friend.

Listen, if you need to shake down a homeless shelter, then shake down a homeless shelter, but it won't help. Wren tells the tale of David Brom and Andrea recounts the case of the Duval sisters. These are troubley, troubley times, but just remember, that axes can be as long as you want, and hopefully that keeps you warm at night. Special thanks to Aswen for this episode!

If you're telling us you've never just beaten yourself up and then lay down and died...we don't believe you. Andrea and Wren do a deep-dive on the mysterious death of Mrs Jerry Lee Lewis. In case you needed some death and Jesus.

We think you'll all agree when we say, those heckin' ghosts! Wren covers the Stanley Hotel and Andrea discusses the hotel murders of Rose Berkert and Roger Atkison. Also, we're begging you...we need some stories about toothpaste, and we need them now.

If your relationship progresses from guns to big cats, you know it's real. Andrea covers the disappearance of Carole Baskin's husband, Don Lewis, and Wren discusses the tragic mauling death of Diane Whipple. By the way, Wren knows nothing about tigers and their digestive tracts, so our takeaway is that he lied about being a tiger digestive tract expert. Shameful.

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