We're super nervous about meeting the aliens today, but we still managed to release this episode. Wren covers the mysterious Lead Masks Case, and Andrea discusses some mysterious last texts and missing persons cases! We're pretty tired from our research, so if you're being murdered, please press pause on that and we'll get back to you in 24 hours. Special thanks to Hex, Miranda and Aaron!

Wren has a child! He bought him at the pet store, but he looks like him, so close enough! Andrea covers the tragic case of the Sea Waif, murder on the Bluebelle. Wren follows this up with some more water-related horror stories! If this episode leaves you thinking, "Aliens...Ocean...Murder...What?" then we have done our job! Special thanks to Hex, Aaron and Miranda!

Fetch the smelling salts, and listen up! Wren covers Lizzie Borden, and Andrea immediately realizes she needs to purchase some oxen. Andrea then discusses some crazy axe deaths, and we learn that most axe attack victims have a bad case of the dead. So, please ignore the hatchet glittering deep within our eyes, and enjoy the episode! Special thanks to Aaron, Miranda and Hex!

You can try to kill someone with magic, but we advise you back it up with poison, just in case. Andrea covers the insanely weird story of Elizabeth Bathory, at which point we figure normal people just wouldn't want to be covered in the blood of the dead. Wren then tells us some Hungarian horror stories! So let Ironhead Steve go, and listen up! Special thanks to Aaron, Hex, and Miranda!

If you are capable of being afraid of everything all at once, you're in good company! Wren covers the Otaku killer, Tsutomu Miyazaki (the human equivalent of bad mascara), at which point we learn that there are only two careers in this world: English teacher or necrophiliac murderer. Andrea then discusses some tinder murders, because she couldn't find anything nerdier. Aaaand, we finish it all off with a good, hearty lip smack! Special thanks to Hex, Aaron, and Miranda!


We're back, to podcast and be awkward! In this episode, Andrea covers Madame Lalaurie and Wren covers some Japanese Yokai! Before you go, can you just perform an appendectomy real quick? Special thanks to Hex, Aaron, and Miranda!

Here's an episode, which is saying something considering we like to promise people things we cannot give them. So, you're welcome! In this episode, Andrea discusses voodoo and Wren covers Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. And we'd like to remind you - if there's anything creepy going on in your life, it's always either a tree or a ghost. No other explanation. Special thanks to Miranda, Hex and Aaron!

Hi everyone! We took a break from knocking out rowdy corpses, just to give you this episode! Andrea covers HH Holmes, who was a bit of a dick. We learn that if you're trying to knock someone out, and they're already dead, you can always just set them on fire. Then Wren discusses some horror stories involving homes (Holmes, get it?) Special thanks to Aaron, Miranda, and Hex!

If you're not using your veins for anything right now, could you possibly inject - I mean, listen to this episode? Listen, maybe this was just his pathology starting early, but Wren went to band camp, and we feel like you should know that. Wren covers the Hello Kitty murder, then Andrea describes some gruesome torture methods. And now Wren is off to accidentally make some puns! Because, as we said, he is pathological. Thanks to Miranda, Aaron and Hex!

Are you hearing gay footsteps? Good! Wren covers the stalking of Mary Stauffer and the murder of Jason Wilkman, and Andrea covers the Parker-Hulme murder case. All of the apologies for this episode go to Minnesota, and all of the thanks go to Miranda, Hex and Aaron!

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