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...just kidding, here it is. Two Scared Siblings interview Preston Ewasiuk, creator of the Rutherford Manor universe and all-around HORROR AND DRAMA AND CARD GAME GENIUS. That's right, we said genius. If you know him, you probably know why. If you don't...listen. Just listen.

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Ah, another wayward soul stuck in our closet, just what we were hoping for! Andrea discusses the tragic clown death of Marlene Warren, and Wren covers The Island of the Dolls. And now we're off, for our nightly limb removal. Special thanks to all patrons! We love you all unconditionally and without hesitation. We swear.

Even though there was a purple man getting rocks, our cat still managed to obtain all the infinity stones. Make sense? Good! Andrea talks about some Halloween lore, and Wren reads an original Halloween story. Now put on your sweaty devil mask, and do your Halloween shit! Special thanks to Hex, Miranda and Aaron!

Andrea has a wayward knee!! Or was it Wren? It's getting hard to tell the difference lately. Andrea covers the Timothy O'Brien Halloween case and Wren tells us about the Mercy Brown vampire incident. All in the name of Halloween! Thanks so all of our patrons and special thanks to Hex, Miranda and Aaron!

Andrea's apartment has been stolen by a spider! Broadcasting from a state of homelessness, Andrea brings you the original true story of the Pied Piper, and Wren tells the original Cinderella story....which was creepy, before it was Disney-fied. Thanks to all patrons and special thanks to Miranda, Hex and Aaron!

Stop kissing your cat, and pay attention while Andrea tells you the tragic story of Elodie Kulik. Wren then tells us all about some scary French lore! Now...go back to being a hobgoblin, like your mother told you. Special thanks to Miranda, Hex and Aaron!

If you have more than 5 alligators in your alligator pit, you'll have to answer to Andrea. Also! Here's a new episode! Wren covers Joseph D Ball, otherwise known as the Alligator Man, and Andrea tells us about Ahmad Suradji, also known as...Ahmad Suradji. Though, you'd think the saliva-drinking thing would have inspired a nickname or two. Thanks to all of our patrons and special thanks to Miranda, Hex and Aaron!

Our newest Patreon episode has dropped, in case you have a hankering for horrible September murders!

Brought to you by The Dollar Store's mysterious benefactor, here is our new episode! By request, Andrea covers the reincarnation story of the Pollock sisters, which had nothing to do with a cursed ham! THEN...Wren covers the story of the Boy Who Caught His Murderer. We couldn't make a bad joke about that one, so you all got off easy. Thanks so all of our patrons, and special thanks to Hex, Miranda and Aaron!

This is an inconvenient day for murder, but it's fine. We'll pull through. In honor of Friday the 13th, which it no longer is, Andrea covers Mark Branch, the Friday the 13th Copycat Killer, whom the press demonized because he was...demon-y. Wren tells us the crazy story of the first daredevil, Sam Patch, and then admits that he has no pride and will do anything for $1 a month. And then he dragged Andrea into it. So, if you want to hear us say something weird or embarrassing right on the podcast, go ahead and become a patron! At our $1 tier you will get a shout-out and can email us with anything you want us to say on the podcast, and we will say it (with minor limitations). Go to www.patreon.com/twoscaredsiblings to enjoy this little tidbit. Email us your crazy shit at twoscaredsiblings@gmail.com

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Thank you to all existing patrons, and special thanks to Hex, Miranda and Aaron!

Excuse me, but we all know how to suck on human blood, so don't be condescending. In a very half-ass evil way, Andrea tells the story of Gloria Ramirez, also known as The Toxic Lady. Here's a bonus PSA: Don't rub anything you find at a hardware store on your skin! Wren then talks about some weird movie deaths. Please just humor him by telling him his aura is pretty. Thanks to all our patrons and special thanks to Hex, Miranda and Aaron!

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